Do You Need To Travel To Be A Free Bird?


I know I am the one that keeps talking about travel and I really do love travelling a lot, but lately I have begun to realise that I used to think of it as an escape from the known world, to be free and to be myself.
I used to think that travelling to this or that place would bring me peace and it is then that i would understand freedom and would discover real paradise. That WHEN I travel, I will feel fulfilled. That this would allow me to be a free bird and would allow me to be who I am without any concerns.
But this meant that I will always have to wait for a plan to be made to look forward to. That I will have to wait for a vacation to some beautiful place away from home to make myself happy and content.
This meant that I have to ‘wait’ to be FREE and that it costs to be free.
How can it cost to be free? It sounds so unfair that we have to pay first to feel like a free bird or that we have to pay to find peace by going far away to the mountains.
For most of us, waiting to go for a vacation means, waiting  to get out of the regular routine and to go out and do whatever we want, or waiting to act crazy in an unknown city and sometimes,waiting to just relax and do nothing all day and not  feel guilty for doing nothing.
But do you think that peace, freedom, happiness, fulfillment is only in the future? Stored in some place far away from home, or in some adventurous activity that would get your adrenaline rushing? Do you think you need to be somewhere else other than here to finally feel complete?
Today, I have finally realised, that freedom is a CHOICE.
Every moment, even this one right now while you are reading this, is a choice.
You either choose to wait or you choose to be free RIGHT NOW.
One travels all around the world only to come back home and realise that home was the truth he or she was looking for all along.
Home is you. Home is here and now. It is where you are at this moment. It isn’t anything that you will find in the future but only in the present.
So what would really free us in this moment and help us to truly fly?
The realisation that you have a CHOICE. That you are free to do what you want to do, if you decide to do it. That if you don’t choose freedom for yourself right now, bondage will choose you.
You don’t need to depend on some vacation or a future event to feel happy. Just choose to feel happy right now and you will.
Travel, but not so you could feel like a free bird. Be a free bird first, and then travel to share this joy of being able to fly.
So please make a choice right now.
‘Should I laugh or should feel sad? ‘.’ I feel like being happy and laughing right now’. So laugh! Instead of thinking your way around it and wondering ‘Oh I shouldn’t laugh, because he or she won’t like it’.
It is your life. You are free to do what YOU want regardless of what anybody else thinks or whether they accept it or not.
So decide.
Wait for it?
Or just go for it?


2 thoughts on “Do You Need To Travel To Be A Free Bird?

  1. When you asked, How can it cost to be free? It got me to question everything that is meant to be free. The air, the water, the desire to migrate which somehow I believe is our birthright as humans. Made me wonder how did we let it become acceptable to put a price tag on everything that we see? Great points you’ve got there.


    • That’s the point! Why do we have to pay first, to live? And can some of is choose another way of life, to be an example? 🙂 let me know what you think.
      Thanks for commenting, keep coming back!


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